Man goes viral after ending up on Tinder date with his dog’s previous owner

Sometimes the plot of a rom-coms can feel far-fetched, even for the most romantic among us.

But one man has shared his own experience of a real-life encounter that could easily be straight from the plot of a Hollywood movie.

Twitter user JimNo had been looking for a match on Tinder when he came across a woman who he spent several days chatting to.

But little did he know that woman was actually the former owner of his black Labrador, Onyx.

And, even better, the two ended up out on an “emotional” date – where the woman was reunited with her old pet.

JimNo shared the exchange on Twitter in a post which has been like more than 150,000 times.

He shared a screengrab of the conversation between the pair, along with the caption: “Been chatting to this girl on tinder for the past few days. Only turns out that I adopted her Labrador a few years ago.”

In the conversation, the woman said: “Just throwing it out there, my lab was called Onyx too. Weird.”

He replied: “How long ago was that? You didn’t happen to have him adopted?”

She responded: “He was unfortunately put up for adoption in 2018 when I was like 17, don’t think I’ve been so upset in my whole life, he was the best.”

She added: “If it was my choice definitely wouldn’t have let him go!”

JimNo then wrote: “I’ve only had Onyx that long…”

Realising what this could mean, the woman responded: “Wait what”.

Twitter loved the exchange, with one writing: “TAKE THE DOG ON THE DATE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.”

Another compared the storyline to one from a rom-com, asking: “Who would you like to star as you when they make this into a Hollywood romance movie?” (His answer, by the way, was Idris Elba).

And days later, people were still invested. One person wrote: “Did it work? Are they married?”

Thankfully, following their date, JimNo gave an update.

Sharing a picture of the dog with a woman, he wrote: “Many tears, some great memories and one very happy dog.”

He added: “Onyx unfortunately didn’t remember her at first, but you could see that there was something there by the end of it. We’ll see each other regularly too.”

It’s fair to say people were delighted. One person said: “Yaaaas the update we’ve all been waiting for.”

While another asked: “So when’s the wedding.”

Let’s just hope Onyx gets centre stage if it does lead to that.

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