Man has been eating raw sausages for 50 years

A man has left people disgusted after revealing that he has been eating raw sausages for 50 years.


Peter Richardson has been tucking into the uncooked meat since he was five as butchers used to give out free sausages to kids “to keep them quiet”.

His partner Katie Chalmers uploaded a video of his “disgusting” habit to TikTok, with worried users expressing their fears for Richardson – who is unconcerned about snacking on raw bangers.

The 55-year old from Lincolnshire said: “It might be disgusting to some people but I enjoy it. I wouldn’t encourage people to go around eating raw sausages but in 50 years I’ve never had any issues.”

Richardson added: “It all started when the butcher used to come with the van and they just used to give you a sausage to shut you up.”


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