Man Helps Duck Family To Cross Busy Street; Wins Everyone’s Hearts On Twitter

The 19-second short viral video of a man helping ducklings was shared on Twitter and received several appreciations. Watch the video to witness the humble deed-

A simple act of kind gesture can touch millions of hearts. This has been proved when people around the internet cherished a video of a man assisting a duck and its ducklings in crossing a busy street. This adorable video will make you believe that this world still has humble people. The 19-second short clip was shared on Twitter from the account named “a page to make you smile (@hopkinsBRFC21) and went viral by receiving more than a thousand views.

A man helps ducklings

In the video, it is seen that a man was stopping cars on a busy road while a mother duck along with its baby ducklings was crossing the road from one side of the pavement to another. The video which was shot from a car can clearly show that the man was giving indications with his hands and signalling the drivers to stop while the ducks can cross. The video was uploaded along with the caption written “Humanity.”

Let’s take a look at the viral video man helps ducklings:

The video has flooded the social media platform with 3.1k views and more than 400 likes and still growing. Several people have commented and applauded the sweet gesture of the guy. One of the users has remarked, “What a great man. Humanity still exists. Bless him.” while other has written, “Love this! Kindness in action. So important to look after wildlife, what a great man,” and the third user said, “God bless that man.”

Other instances of a group of ducks crossing a road

While another incident happened a year ago in New York where a group of people assisted a mother duck and her two ducklings to cross a busy road. On July 4, 2020, @whatisnewyork shared a short video on Instagram. In the video, it is observed that the group was guiding little creatures from one side of the street to another. Among the group, the person in the clip who was seen in the front to assist the duck and its baby was eventually identified as Katheleen Rice, the Congresswoman of the United States.


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