Man Joined Monks Who Could Say Only 2 Words Every 10 Years

A young man who had tried many activities all his life and wasn’t entertained anymore decided to join a monastery. He made the decision in order to try a life of serenity before moving forward with other pursuits. 

He successfully joined a highly recognized and respected monastery that only allowed its members to speak two words every ten years. He wasn’t accustomed to their daily routines when he arrived, and he almost quit.

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All the monks woke up very early, wore the same long garment every day, ate little, and prayed non-stop. No one spoke to each other, they rarely made eye contact, and every monk respected the superior.

The young man was determined to remain in the monastery, but he really wasn’t used to his new environment. However, he found the monastery’s system relaxing on some days, and the serenity helped his mind.

In his tenth year, the head monk called him and explained that it was time for the young man to say any two words he wished to say. With a smug look, he stated, “I’m hungry.”

So the head monk arranged an extra portion of all the food they served him every day. This went on for the next ten years until the young man was summoned again to the head monk’s office and asked to say two words. The man cleared his throat, and this time he said, “Too cold.”

The head monk looked at him expressionlessly then stood up and left the office. The young monk received extra blankets that day after dinner and slept in a warmer environment.

After 10 years, he went up to the superior monk’s office as usual. This time, when the head monk asked what he wanted to say, he immediately said, “Wanna leave.” The head monk looked at him displeased, then replied:

“I’m not surprised. You have done nothing but complain since you’ve been here.”

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