Man ‘living in a nightmare’ with spider on the loose

A man is “living in a nightmare” after losing a mysterious spider he found in his garden.


Jim Dodds and his wife Helen discovered the insect at their home in Gloucestershire last week and trapped it in a plastic box as they feared that it could be dangerous.

The pair had arranged for an expert to examine the creature but it disappeared before they could so and has left Jim living in fear.

Dodds said: “My first reaction was b*****. Then my second reaction was ‘Oh s***. Where has it gone?’

“I contacted Great Western Exotics, Cotswold Council, the RSPCA, Rentokil and others but no one would touch it.

“I think it is venomous but I’m not 100 percent, I just wanted it gone but no one would help, it was massive and horrendous.

“I am living nightmares. I don’t want to wake up one morning and find it in my bathroom.”


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