Man Makes His First Parachute Jump but the Chute Wouldn’t Open

New troops of soldiers were recruited after months of training. On their first parachute jump, all the fresh soldiers assembled at the center of the barracks for instructions and guidance.

The corporal stepped forward, all donned up in his battle gear, and told the soldiers to count to ten and pull the first ripcord on the parachute. But if the chute doesn’t open, they would have to remove the second ripcord, and they will be fine.

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He also mentioned that a truck would be waiting to pick up all the newcomers when they land. The corporal turned and left all the soldiers to continue on their own. They boarded their plane and took to the skies for their training.

A young soldier, eager to have his first experience, quickly picked up his parachute and stepped forward. He shouted, “Geronimo!” and jumped out of the plane laughing.

He counted ten and pulled at the first ripcord, but the parachute did not open. Still smiling, he pulled the second ripcord, and the chute was still closed. By this time, his smile had already diminished.

He looked left and right, and some of his mates already had their parachutes on. He tried pulling the ripcord again, but nothing happened. As he dropped downward, he shouted:

“I’ll bet that goddamn truck won’t be there either.”


A man went to a store one afternoon to buy a parachute. He had long since wanted to own one, but he didn’t have enough cash. However, after helping a friend do some menial jobs, he made extra cash.

He decided to use his extra money to get his dream parachute. When he got to the store, he was greeted by a cheerful cashier who took him around the store to see some of their products.

About to purchase his dream parachute after waiting so long | Photo: Shutterstock

About to purchase his dream parachute after waiting so long | Photo: Shutterstock

After so much persuasion, explanation, and instructions, the man finally bought one parachute. He held the parachute in his hands and properly scrutinized it.

Before he left, he asked the cashier what he should do if the chute failed to deploy.  She told him to pull at the reverse chute. He looked at her and asked what to do if the reverse didn’t work, and the cashier just said:

“Well, in that case, bring it back, and we will give you a full refund.”

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