Man making sandwich using treadmill leaves internet amazed; watch video

A viral video of a man making a sandwich using a treadmill goes viral.

In the video, a man can be seen sitting near a treadmill, and as it turns on, another man drops a slice of bread on the treadmill belt. The man catches the bread with his hand like a pro, and then the other man drops the rest of the sandwich’s fillings, such as cheese and salami, on the treadmill belt.

But the man, with his incredible skill, catches every filling and finishes making a perfect sandwich out. Watch the amazing video:


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The amazing video was initially shared on an Instagram page named @Treadmillguy and later was shared on Youtube’s official Instagram page.

The video has garnered 98,525 likes in just a day, and netizens praise the man for his incredible skill.

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