Man Meets a Beautiful Woman and Asks If Her Dog Bites

One day, a man went on his usual morning stroll and saw a beautiful lady walking down the same path with her cute dog by her side. He wanted to engage in a light conversation with her, but he waved the thought aside.

The next day, during another stroll, he saw the same lady with her dog going for a jog on the same path as the day before. This time, he gave it no thought before he walked up to her and introduced himself.

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock

As they engaged in small talk, he told the beautiful lady that he had never seen her in the neighborhood. The woman told him that she was new in the area and she only moved a month ago.

The two continued their stroll in comfortable silence for a while, and it started becoming awkward. Still thinking of how to keep her engaged in conversation,  the young man searched for the right words in his head.

His eyes soon rested on the dog wagging its tail happily beside her. The animal’s actions and appearance made the man believe it was friendly, so he asked the lady if it was prone to biting strangers.

She replied that her dog doesn’t, and the man became more relaxed about playing with the pet. The man carefully patted its head and spoke lightly to the dog. His hand extended to the dog’s ears and went down to its jaws.

But as the man’s hands got close to the pet’s mouth, the hound bit him and barked fiercely. The man was stunned, and he accused the lady of lying to him to which the lady replied that she did no such thing.

When the man insisted that the lady told him her dog doesn’t bite, she replied.

“He doesn’t. But this isn’t my dog.”

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