Man ‘proposes to girlfriend’ by putting ring on fried onions and internet’s split

A man has become an internet sensation when he re-enacted his proposal in the most comical way – with a blooming fried onion.

Bride-to-be Allie shared a clip of her boyfriend Dan’s hilarious proposal on TikTok and it divided the internet.

The pair went to a restaurant and ordered a fried onion dish that resembled a blooming flower.

In the clip, Dan places the ring on one of the petals and turns to her, saying: “Allie, will you take one from this side?”

He turns the dish to her and reveals the diamond ring.

Allie, who is filming the blooming onion, replies: “Okay…what?”

Dan turned the fried onion dish around and revealed his proposal plan

Her boyfriend nods his head, asking: “Will you?”

Some viewers said it was a genius idea to propose and suggested it was a “life hack” to couples.

One said: “The grease from the blooming onion will make the ring glide on her finger.”

Another couldn’t help but to comment with a little word play, saying: “It’s an onion *ring*.”

“It’s a *blooming* love story, I’m obsessed,” a third chimed in.

But others were not too impressed as a woman pointed out: “If my man ever proposed by simply saying ‘will you’, I would lose it.”

He placed the ring on the fried onion and asked Allie to marry him
He placed the ring on the fried onion and asked Allie to marry him

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“I’d leave for sure,” another wrote.

Allie wrote in the video caption: “Let’s just say, our love is blooming.”

But it wasn’t all it seemed, as she later revealed that Dan had officially proposed earlier in their holiday to Hawaii, with the onion video being posted to reveal they are now engaged.

Allie joked about where she should put the ring and showed her viewers two options – on a toe or on a finger.

She said: “Only accepting option number one to be honest.”

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