What would you do if someone asked you to take them to the hospital because they can’t afford an ambulance? Considering that you’re in a rush to go to a meeting and you can’t miss it at any cost. Would you still take the person to the hospital?

When someone asks for help during a medical emergency, most people go out of their way and do what they can to assist the other person. It’s natural to feel the need to help others because it ultimately makes you feel better. Your mind is at peace knowing that you supported someone during their time of need.

However, there are times when a person cannot afford to go out of the way to help someone because doing so will irreversibly affect their life. It might make them go broke or even lose their job. A person shared a similar experience and asked others for their suggestions.


A man felt guilty about not helping his sister’s friend during a medical emergency, so he took it to Reddit and asked other users for their opinion. He mentioned that his sister came running while he was getting ready for work and asked if she could borrow his car to take her friend to the hospital who had dislocated her shoulder.

He refused, saying that he couldn’t afford to be late for work; otherwise, his boss would fire him. He had already been late a couple of times, and allowing his sister to borrow the car meant that he was risking his job. He asked other users if he did the right thing, and one of them replied:

“NTAa dislocated shoulder, while painful, isnt an emergency. Like you mentioned you cant lose your job over it for sure.”

The man’s sister asked him for the car because her friend couldn’t afford an ambulance. What other options does a person have when they don’t want to go to the hospital in an ambulance because of financial reasons? Is it safe to call an Uber driver during a medical emergency?


What happens if someone doesn’t own a car and cannot afford to go to the hospital in an ambulance? A Redditor raised this question, saying that they wouldn’t be comfortable going with an Uber driver to the hospital because they think they would stress him out by telling him about the injury.

Another Redditor commented that they had taken a subway and an Uber to the hospital, and nothing terrible happened. A user suggested walking to the hospital if it’s nearby and the person is physically fit for that. Another user said that the Uber driver doesn’t need to know that you’re injured. They suggested staying quiet during the ride.


Taking the ambulance ride to the hospital can be heavy on the pocket for some people, so they prefer to look for some other option. A Redditor asked other people if he has the right to refuse an ambulance ride when it shows up after someone calls 911. Another user replied:

“Yes, assuming that you are clearly in a position to make rational decisions about your own healthcare and can sign a document saying so, you can refuse emergency medical services/transportation.”

Another user said that adults in the U.S. can refuse emergency medical treatment until they fall unconscious. That’s when the ambulance can take the unconscious person to the hospital because it is considered that the person would agree to get medical treatment if they were conscious.


Sometimes, people don’t ask for help, but others step up when they see them in trouble. The famous “Modern Family” actress Julie Bowen impressed her fans by helping a woman who fainted in Arches National Park while hiking. Bowen was present in the park with her sister Annie, who is a doctor.

They saw the woman sitting on a rock while holding her head and immediately asked her what happened. The woman didn’t open her eyes, and it seemed like she had hit her nose, so Annie started cleaning up her face and gave her medicines.

After the lady started to open her eyes, she realized a famous star helped her out. Bowen’s kind gesture highlighted the importance of helping others. Not everyone asks for help. Some people stay quiet when they need help, so it’s best to watch other people and help them out if needed.


Is helping a trait that only humans possess? No. Animals also help others when they sense something is not right. A Canadian woman was saved by her dogs when she fell and injured herself. She went out for a walk with her three dogs and lost her phone after falling.

She couldn’t contact anyone and only had her canine friends to talk to. They stayed with her for two days and two nights, making sure she was OK. Her husband filed a missing complaint, after which a rescue team started scanning the area to find the woman.

The woman revealed that one of the dogs cuddled with her while another looked for food and the third dog guarded her. They stayed with her until the rescue team found them after hearing the dogs bark. Even animals know how important it is to help others.


The residents of a house in Lemon Grove, San Diego, heard a loud knock on their gate at night. They peeked out of their window, but no one was there. They could have saved someone’s life if they stepped outside the house to see who it was. Someone was asking them for help.

The family immediately called the police because they felt suspicious. The police found a dead body lying outside their house. It was the same man who had knocked on the door a few minutes ago. What was he doing here?

The initial investigation revealed that someone had shot the man in his upper body, and he knocked to ask for help, but the police weren’t sure if that was the cause of death. The man didn’t have any ID, and he seemed like a homeless person. This 2018 news shows that helping someone else can mean you have to risk your own life.

Do you think the family should have opened the door and help the injured man? Or did they do the right thing by calling the police? Should people help others without thinking about the consequences first? We’d love to know what you think about this topic.


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