Man rejected after first date for staggeringly petty reason

There are plenty of reasons why first dates don’t blossom into romance, but some people’s standards really do seem quite bizarre.

One Twitter user, called Jacques, has shared his own experience of baffling rejection, posting a screen shot of a message he’d received from a (now former) love interest.

It read: “Hey man, sorry for not messaging until now. I enjoyed our date last week but when you said the phrase: ‘put my thinking cap on’ it kinda gave me the ick so I wasn’t really interested in pursuing things.”

They then had the cheek to ask: “Also, do you know of any, like, soul-funk hip hop disco kind of vibes DJs in Manchester?”

Jacques captioned the tweet simply: “Ah right ok then”.

The post racked up more than 128,800 likes and 5,200 retweets in just three days, as fellow Twitter offered their take on the date’s approach:

Jacques later added that the man he had gone on a date with had waited 10 days before sending that terrible response. He also said he hadn’t replied but then changed his mind after one person offered him a very funny suggestion for a response:

Amazingly, his date then blocked him, Jacques said:

Seems like dating after the pandemic has got a whole lot more brutal.

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