Man Rides A Horse To Mock Drivers Waiting In Line For Fuel

Drivers across the country have been queuing up at garages in the hope of filling up their car amid the ongoing fuel shortage – but one guy has found an old-school solution to the problem.

Gus Lee-Dolphin (@gusdolphin) decided to go for an arguably more reliable mode of transport and rode in to the Shell forecourt in Osterley, west London, on horseback.

Footage filmed from Gus’s perspective shows his view on top of the chestnut steed as he horses around by singing to motorists and mocking them for having to wait in long queues to get fuel.

While trotting into the garage, Gus puts his own spin on Sloop John B by The Beach Boys and sings: “I’m on a horse, I don’t need petrol, cos he runs on carrots.”

Drivers don’t appear to be fazed by Gus’s means of travel and were understandably more concerned about getting their car filled up.

Gus’s video has since been reposted on popular meme pages such as The Archbishop of Banterbury, with the punny caption: “Queuing for petrol? Why the long face?”

Since the video was posted on this Instagram account, it has nearly 80,000 views as a result.

It also went viral on TikTok, after it was posted by another comedy account and has amassed over 5.1m views.

The video has sparked lots of reactions from viewers who loved the stunt.

One person joked: “Yo how much horsepower dose [sic] that thing have.”

“All fun and games until there’s a carrot shortage,” another person wrote.

Someone else replied: “Tell me you’re British, without telling me you’re British.”

“Can’t wait for karma to come around and all over the news is ‘Carrot shortage in the UK,’” a fourth person added.

On his Instagram account, Gus admitted that he’s “never ridden a horse.”

But it’s not the first time Gus has trolled drivers desperately trying to get their hands on fuel.

In a previous video he did the same thing – only on this occasion, he was on a bike rather than a horse.

“Queuing for petrol, queuing for petrol, we don’t need petrol, cos’ I’m on a bike,” he can be heard singing. Let’s see what he comes up with next.


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