Man separates snake and gecko involved in a fight using bare hands; watch video

In a horrific incident, a brave heart decided to resolve the fight between two animals. The clip opens with a gecko perching on a pole biting a snake that is coiled around it. The position continues for a few seconds before a man interrupts.

First, he tries to remove the snake from the gecko’s mouth but fails. Ultimately, he pulls the snake from the lizard’s mouth and throws it on the ground.

Towards the end of the video, the gecko climbs up the pole, and the snake slithers away. What is interesting to watch in the video is that the man does all these with his bare hands.

The video was recorded in 2017 and went viral again after Jukin Media recently published it. It garnered more than 282k views. Netizens shared their opinion in the comment sections.

Many praised the man for the brave act. But also, several users expressed safety concerns. Take a look.

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