Man Shares Fast-Food Giant McDonald’s Biggest Secrets

A man who works in a McDonald’s restaurant owned by his parents has uncovered some of the fast-food chain’s biggest secrets in videos on TikTok – including what the tills look like

McDonald’s is one of the biggest fast food chains in the world, but if you’ve never worked in one of the franchise’s stores, much of their food-making process is a mystery.

But thanks to TikTok user Stephen Patula, who posts under @patulafamilymcdonalds, some of McDonald’s biggest secrets are being uncovered.

Stephen’s parents own several McDonald’s branches and he works in one of the stores himself, and he’s now taken to TikTok to share behind-the-scenes videos of his job – some of which spill the beans on McDonald’s trade secrets.

In one video, Stephen was asked to show what the tills look like when an employee takes your order.

The man shared a clip of the screen showing a small picture of every item McDonald’s sells, with each menu category getting its own section.

He said: “We start with breakfast, now we are going to cycle to breakfast two, and then lunch.”

While in another post, Stephen spoke about the ways some customers get free food at his store – as he sometimes foots the bill for unsuspecting customers who seem like they’re having a bad day.

He explained: “Sometimes I like to randomly make somebody’s day.

“The other day somebody’s car broke down at the drive thru.

“A couple of co-workers and I went out and pushed their car into a parking spot.

“I knew they were already having a terrible day, so I went in and just took care of their meal for them.

“Occasionally when somebody’s card declines, I’ll take care of that as well.

“I know getting free food can change the outlook on your whole day.”

In other videos, Stephen claimed the premium wraps are the hardest items on the menu to make, as he called them “time-consuming” to put together – but said they taste amazing.

And the employee believes the most underrated item on the entire McDonald’s menu is the fillet-o-fish.

He said: “Seeing as it’s the only sandwich that comes with a steamed bun, it’s like every single bite you take out of it is like out of a little cloud.”

Stephen also confirmed McDonald’s do use real eggs in their breakfast items, and said the branch he works at gets so busy they serve around 1,500 cars every day through their drive thru.


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