Man shares genius hack for kicking people off his shared Netflix account

A man was frustrated when he wanted to get onto Netflix but was told that the account was being used on too many devices, so he found his own way to kick one of the other users off

TikTok user shares hilarious method to stop people using his Netflix

A man has shared his genius way of kicking people off his shared Netflix account and it has left his followers in stitches.

TikTok star @notelgnis went to go watch TV and was soon greeted by the dreaded message that his Netflix account was been used on too many devices.

In the clip, he calls a friend who he suspects is also using the account and tells him to check channel one quickly as there was breaking news.

He then stays on the phone while his friend exits Netflix, then he opens it on his own TV – meaning his friend will now get the ‘too many devices’ message when he tries to get back in.

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In the clip, the man can be heard saying: “What are you doing?”

Then his friend replies: “Just chilling, about to go get my haircut.”

Man: “Have you got the TV on?”

Friend: “Yeah, why?”

Man: “Put Channel One on rapid, the Queen’s died.”

Friend: “F**k off.”

Man: “Put it on. Is it on?”

Friend: “It’s just loading now.”

Then, the news reader on BBC One can be heard as the man gets access to Netflix and loads an episode of Friends, before saying: “Nice one mate, I’ll see you in a bit.”

The video soon went viral with over 500,000 views, alongside countless likes and comments.

One user said: ” You’ve won the internet today, howling.”

While another said: “This has made my night.”

And another wrote: “Well I mean he was about to leave for a trim, so I guess it’s acceptable.”

But another user was surprised by the man’s choice on Netflix, and wrote: “All this to watch Friends.”


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