Man sparks debate after sharing how he leaves his hotel room when checking out

From Scotland, content creator Darren Dowling caused a stir online over hotel guest etiquette after sharing a photo of his room just before checking out.

Dazza left people divided over hotel guest etiquette (Image: Dazza)

There are two types of people in this world: People who leave hotel rooms in an absolute state, with seconds to spare before checkout time, and those who prep and clean the room within an inch of its life before the cleaners have even stepped foot inside.

But, while there’s absolutely no denying that giving your room a once-over is just common courtesy for housekeeping staff, one man has sparked an interesting debate after sharing how he leaves his hotel room before checking out.

Content creator Darren Dowling, known as Dazza online, shared a photo on his social media, revealing how he strips the bed sheets, duvet cover, and pillowcases before checking out the room.

Posting the pic of the stripped bed, Dazza wrote, as per the Daily Record: “I always try and leave a hotel room like this. Is this the right or wrong thing to do?”

Cheers for putting us all to shame, Dazza.

After sharing his unexpectedly controversial cleaning efforts online, the Scotsman was met with mixed responses – with many questioning why he would go to such effort when cleaners are paid to this. In contrast, others praised him for his courtesy.

“I’ve always been one to stack plates for the waiter/waitress and to return glasses to a bar. But I’ve never considered doing this in hotels. You bet I’m going to start, though,” one follower commented.

Meanwhile, one housekeeper added: “This makes me very happy when customers do this, saves us an extra job, and makes it easier.”

“Housekeeping is a thankless hard job. However, the condition some rooms are left in is astonishing, even after just one night,” another wrote.

“They don’t get paid near enough. People are vulgar to them, and even other areas of the hotel look down on them. It’s the most important job in the hotel because if it weren’t for housekeeping, there would be no rooms to rent out, and therefore no money coming in.”

However, another housekeeper joked: ” I get worried when I see this – what are they hiding?”

Elsewhere, another follower warned he had done the same thing in Spain and was handed a harsh fine after staff complained he’d left the room ‘messy.’

“They claimed the room was ‘messy’ as I stripped the beds and put any rubbish in a bin bag and put them nicely in the corner of the room. Had to pay €60,” he wrote.

Another quipped: “You’re just demonstrating that you are a big boy now, and you didn’t wet the bed!!”

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