Man sparks debate as he claims we’ve been cooking baked beans all wrong… and his way stops the toast going soggy

THE HUMBLE baked bean is a staple ingredient in a full English breakfast, but one Reddit user has posed the important question of how cooked your baked beans should be.

One user posted to the Subreddit, Casual UK, and split opinion in the comments over just how cooked they should be.



Although Brits won’t debate on if they like baked beans, they will debate on how to cook themCredit: Reddit

Most people simply bung them in the microwave for a couple of minutes or put it on the stove to warm through but this user had a different idea on how to serve up beans.

Starting a touchy debate, the user captioned the post: “Who else likes their beans overdone?(Cheese imminent).”

Along with the post, the user attached a picture of their perfectly browned and buttered toast with some VERY cooked baked beans.

The image sparked a debate on the posts with some users being mortified at his cooking technique.

One user, upset by the claim, branded their breakfast concoction as “bean mash” and labelled the post as “wrong.”

Another user simply described it as “Filth.”

A third person disagreed saying: “You’ve got to leave them saucy so they soak into the toast. I’d rather eat mine cold than mushy like this!!”

Although their technique sparked some negativity, there were many people commenting that they also love to overcook their beans.

One of the top liked comments read: “Yep, I call them ‘hotel beans’, like beans in a buffet brekkie that have been under the lights for a couple of hours. Only way to have them!”

Another person responded: “That’s not overdone. That’s just right.”

A third person replied: “Truth. I know it’s what it says on the tin, but just warming is the wrong way to cook them. Completely wrong.”

Some prefer their baked beans drier and others prefer it swimming in the juice


Some prefer their baked beans drier and others prefer it swimming in the juiceCredit: Getty – Contributor

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