Man told he’s ‘almost like family’ to grandparents in adorable letter blunder

A young man said he had moved into his grandparents’ house to quarantine after moving back to the UK and they left him an adorable to-do list – but it featured an unfortunate typo

A man was told he was ‘almost like family’ to his grandparents

A man forced to quarantine at his grandparents’ house was left an adorable note by the pair – but it featured an unfortunate typo that had him in stitches.

Sharing his story anonymously, the man said that he had just moved back to the UK and because of the pandemic he had to quarantine for a while.

He chose to do so at his grandparents’ house and they left him a welcome note, including a to-do list that included everything that needed taking care of around the house.

Then, towards the end of the note, they added that the man could help himself to anything in the house because he is “almost like family” to them.

The letter proved popular with Reddit users


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The man shared the note on Reddit, and the part photographed mostly includes information about gardening – what to water, where the grow bags are, and what equipment to use.

Then, it reads: “Help yourself to any thing you want, you are welcome as you are almost like family to us.”

The amusing blunder soon went viral and thousands of Reddit users viewed the post, and it received almost 1,000 comments.

One user said: “Reminds me of the time my brother bought our mum a Mother’s Day card that said, ‘You’re like a mum to me’ and neither of them realised. I’ve since wondered whether he’s actually my brother.”

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And another added: “My aunt made a massive family tree and displayed it for my uncle’s 70th birthday party.

“Whilst my wife was looking at it, she sidled up and said, ‘don’t expect to see your husband or kids on there, they’ve been removed’, because my mum got divorced!”

“Just a suggestion, but did they go away before and have someone to stay/look after things, like a neighbour, who isn’t family and they recycled the note?” added a third. “Just trying to save your relationship!”

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