Man Tries To Snub The Property His Mother Gave Her Grandaughter After Abandoning Them For Years

A young woman recently opened up about how her father came back into her life and tried to take the home her grandmother had left for her. He claimed that the property was rightfully his because it belonged to his mother, but she disagreed.

throwweight12 opened up on Reddit about inheriting her grandmother’s property after she died. Her father abandoned her when she was ten, and her grandmother has taken care of her since then. He showed up at his mother’s funeral, where the original poster saw him after 14 years.

When someone inherits a fortune from their grandparents, other family members expect them to share the wealth. Some people are comfortable sharing what they inherited, while others refuse, stirring up a never-ending rivalry.

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The grandmother’s will revealed that she wanted her granddaughter to inherit her entire property. After hearing this, the Redditor’s father lost his cool and asked her to hand over all the property to him. She resisted and said that she didn’t want to go against her grandmother’s wishes.

The Redditor asked other users if she was at fault because her father made her feel bad by telling the entire family that she stole the property. Her relatives called her and told her to obey her father because that’s what good daughters do. A  Redditor replied:

Most users supported the original poster’s decision, saying that she shouldn’t share her property with her father because of what he did in the past. They even warned her not to hand over the property to her father, thinking she would inherit it after he died because he would probably sell it.

Living in an era where everyone is obsessed with money, it’s natural to refuse to share your inheritance with your siblings. Our society measures a person’s worth by their wealth, and inheriting a fortune can boost your self-esteem overnight.


Receiving an inheritance can be stressful, especially when it’s more than what your siblings received. It’s okay to keep your inheritance to yourself. You should respect the deceased person’s wishes and accept their will as it is. If they wanted you to keep most of their assets, then there’s no harm in refusing to share the wealth.

However, if you feel you should give some of it to your siblings, then go ahead. If your siblings have children, you can set up a trust fund to finance their education. If not, you can save the money and give it to your siblings when they need it the most.

You might feel guilty while sharing your inheritance with your siblings because you disrespected the deceased person’s will. You can overcome these feelings by thinking that you own the wealth and it’s your choice to do whatever you want with it. You can give it or keep it. No one will question you.

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Inheriting money is the quickest way to become rich overnight because you don’t have to work hard to earn it. However, it’s important to know how to manage the money once you get hold of the inheritance. Is it wise to save the money or spend it while vacationing in Paris?

You can change your life with the wealth you inherit after your grandparents or parents pass away. All you need is a good plan that can help you manage your wealth wisely. When you have fulfilled your financial needs with your inheritance money, you can either save the rest or invest it somewhere to get some good returns.

According to experts, you might feel the urge to spend the inheritance money all at once, but that’s not the wisest thing to do. Overspending has made some of the wealthiest people go broke within no time. You need to be mindful when spending money, and this rule isn’t restricted to the wealth you have inherited.

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There’s a huge difference between inheriting money and earning it, and your mind subconsciously knows that when you receive an inheritance. Most people keep half of their inherited assets and give away the rest because they don’t realize the hard work that went into earning that money.

If people keep all the inheritance money to themselves, they have a chance of becoming rich by investing that money to build wealth. According to experts, when you receive an inheritance, you should first evaluate your finances and see if you have a high-interest debt that needs to be paid off.

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After paying off the debt, set aside some money as an emergency fund; this money goes into your savings account and prepares you to face future recessions. You can either add the remaining assets to your retirement savings or invest some of them in stocks and bonds to increase your wealth.

You may have heard stories of siblings fighting over their inheritance after their father passed away. Why is it so difficult for people to accept what the deceased person wanted? It is estimated that Gen Y will inherit about $68 trillion in the next ten years, so will this lead to yet another generation fighting over their inheritance?

You can build your wealth with inheritance money if you intelligently plan your expenditures. What do you think about this topic? Should people share their inheritance or keep it to themselves? Let us know your opinion by leaving a comment. You can also share this article with your friends to find out what’s their take on inheritance.


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