Man unearths mysterious letter in bottle from 1970s behind wall during DIY job

A man renovating his home found a mysterious letter in a bottle left nearly 50 years ago revealing what life was like back then.

Matt Streatfield came across the message from builders as he knocked down two walls during a DIY job at his home.

He was intrigued to open the letter dated April 5, 1974, which was written by the plasterers who built the walls.

It was meant to give future generations an idea of what life was like back in the mid-1970s.

The letter said the workers from Newcastle Interior Linings, in Australia, which still exists today, earned $106 AUD (£57) each week.

And the bottle was one of the first measured in metric being equal to a “one imperial pint”.

Matt managed to find one of the workers who wrote the note

The workers were also listed and Matt, from New South Wales, was able to track down Ron Niddre, 66, who is one of the plasterers.

Matt said: “You always hear of messages in a bottle, but you never think you’ll find one in between two walls in your home.”

Ron told NBN News: “One of these little mementos has paid off.

“The fact that it was 47 years ago was even more of a shock.”

The message stated: “We are waiting for our weekly wages which are, gross, $106.00 (£57).

“The bottle is one of the early metric, as we are beginning a metric conversion, it is equal to one imp pint.”

Matt said he will put the bottle back between the new wall when it is built and add his very own message to future generations.

He added: “When we re-sheet this wall we’re going to place the old bottle that we found from 1974 with that piece of history.”

Ron Niddrie spoke about the note that they left many years ago
Ron Niddrie spoke about the note that they left many years ago

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Matt concluded: “And we’re going to add our own.

“Little face mask from 2021 and a bit of a description of how life’s been for the last couple of years.”

It comes after a woman found a 100-year-old message in a bottle before reuniting with the author’s daughter.


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