‘Manifest’ SAVED By Netflix, Renewed For Season 4: Here’s The Details

Fans of Manifest rejoice as streaming giant Netflix reversed their decision and saved the canceled NBC series. In honor of today being 8/28, the streaming giant revealed Season 4 officially had a greenlight. So, Manifest fans would finally get a little closure on what happened to the passengers of Flight 828.

As we previously reported in an opinion piece, Manifest is an incredible series with three seasons that are extremely bingeable. At the time, however, we did not recommend it as a show to start streaming. Why? Well, because Season 3 ended on a huge cliffhanger. And, as a whole, fans of the series were left with more questions than answers regarding what happened to flight 828. So, we couldn’t in good conscience recommend a series (regardless of how good it was) when we knew the series offered no closure and ended on a massive cliffhanger. We, however, are now prepared to singe a different tune as news broke today — in honor of it being 8/28 — that Netflix picked up the series. And, we would finally get closure on what happened to the passengers of flight 828.

Netflix – Manifest

Manifest saved by Netflix: Season 4 details revealed

According to DeadlineNetflix spent weeks working out a deal before agreeing to pick up Manifest for a super-sized fourth season. Unfortunately, Season 4 will be the final season of Manifest. But, it will provide fans with the closure they desperately deserved after NBC decided to pull the plug following the massive cliffhanger waiting at the end of Season 3.

In a sweet gesture that only fans of Manifest would understand, the resurrection of the show was announced on 8/28 at 8:28 a.m. What do we know about Manifest Season 4 so far?

Fans know that Jeff Rake had originally planned three more seasons for the series Manifest. While the first season of Manifest ran a little long… Season 2 and 3 were only 13 episodes long. So, the decision to renew Manifest for a super-sized final season means the creator won’t have to lose that many of the episodes he had originally planned. In fact, he really only has to figure out how to cram what was planned to be three seasons into what will now be two. Because Netflix ordered 20 episodes for the Manifest Season 4 Finale. In true Netflix fashion, fans can expect the streaming giant to release the final season of the series in chunks. The streaming giant will likely release Season 4 in two parts containing 10 episodes or 4 parts containing 5 episodes each.

Netflix - Manifest
Netflix – Manifest

Will the cast return?

Details regarding the cast are still somewhat up in the air. As fans recall, this series was canceled. There were no contracts in place. So, these cast members likely proceeded to move on and look for other work. Fans, however, know many cast members were devastated by the series getting canceled. Parveen Kaur was one of the more vocal cast members on Instagram that constantly posted about the series and begged Netflix to save it.

Presently, Deadline notes that Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, and J.R. Ramirez are all slated to return for Season 4. Negotiations still appear to be underway for the remainder of the core cast members.

Matt Long might be a bit more difficult to bring back into the show as he presently has a role in another NBC drama called Getaway. As long as the schedules work out, the actor would be allowed to do both.

Are you excited Manifest Season 4 has been saved? Do you think Netflix will do the series justice? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below.

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