Mano, the mimicry artist has died in a car accident | Wife in critical condition


The famous mimicry actor, as well as artist, has tragically died in a recent car accident on the 28th of October 2019 in Chennai. Sadly, the accident which took the life of the mimicry artist has taken place on the occasion of Diwali this year.

The reports are suggesting that the artist was driving his car and his wife was sitting right next to the driver’s seat. However, the car has lost its control and then it hit a median. The artist died instantly whereas his wife is currently admitted to a hospital and is fighting for her life.

One of the officers, John took it to Twitter and then shared the tragic news that the mimicry artist has lost his life. By the looks of it, this is indeed a piece of very sad news for the fans of Mano and his family members.

How did John convey the message on Twitter?

John wrote that the Multi-Talented actor Mano has reportedly died in a car accident that took place near Avadi. At the time of writing, his wife is admitted to the Ramachandra Hospital in the ICU ward and she’s undergoing treatment.

The doctors have kept Mano’s wife under the observation as she is in a critical stage. Both Mano and his wife were parents to a little girl of seven years ago. The death of the popular mimicry star has left everyone in the Tamil film industry in a perilous state. Moreover, his fans and the actors who have worked with him are having a hard time to believe that Mano is gone.


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