Man’s cruel trick to prove he’s ‘better’ than his girlfriend savagely backfires

A smug lad decided to prove to his girlfriend that he could do better than her, but was left blushing after his nasty plan backfired.

And, it turns out his Mrs is quite the desirable match…

In what the man claims was a “joke” he set up a fake Tinder profile using his girlfriends snaps expecting to show off that not many people would swipe right for the beauty.

But, unfortunately for him, his gorgeous lass was liked by over 1,000 people in less than an hour proving him drastically wrong.

So, he swiftly realised he had to make it up to her.

He posted on Facebook and a screenshot was uploaded to Twitter and Instagram where it went viral.

He posted on Facebook about the discovery

He wrote: “Attention men.

“If you’re feelin’ like you can do better than your girlfriend, create a Tinder profile with her pictures and see how many other men would be stoked to be in your shoes.

“I did it as a joke and my girlfriend has 1,300 likes in an hour.”

He continued: “I’m boutta run her a bath, cook dinner, fold the laundry and rub her feet.

“Y’all tripping. I’m one man, I can’t compete with 1300 dudes tryna clap my girls cheeks!”

After a little while, he updated his post while feeling even more ashamed.

He thought he could 'do better' than his girlfriend
He thought he could ‘do better’ than his girlfriend
(Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

He said: “Update, she’s at 1,865 now, Ima paint her toenails and buy her a pony.”

Followed by: “Update, 2,252 likes, anyone have any connection to purchase a baby cow?”

While the man may well have been having a laugh the people in the comments were unhappy with his behaviour.

One said: “Yeah maybe your Tinder likes aren’t the best metric for measuring your value as a person/significant other… Just a thought.”

“If she loves you, there could be 10,000 men after her, wouldn’t matter,” another noted.

And a third added: “Straight men: because only other men can tell them to value their girlfriend.”

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