Man’s ‘proposal’ to girlfriend using deep-friend onion divides TikTok

An onion ring proposal was good enough for Marge and Homer in The Simpsons, but one couple has divided TikTok after a boyfriend proposed with the ring placed on top of a blooming onion.

Perhaps the guy was trying to highlight their blooming romance – or maybe they’re just big fans of the vegetable.

Either way, girlfriend Allie ( seemed pleased with the grand gesture and posted a TikTok of the apparent important milestone in their relationship.

“Allie, why don’t you take one from this side?” Her boyfriend hints as he spun the plate around to reveal the engagement ring.

Though we can’t see Allie as she was behind the camera, an audible gasp can be heard as she asks: “What?”

“Will you?” He asks again as he smiles at her. Still shocked by the gesture Allie asks “what?” again.

It also gave her the opportunity to think up a funny pun for her TikTok caption, writing: “Let’s just say our love is BLOOMIN’”.

A blooming onion is a dish consisting of one large onion which is cut to resemble a flower, before being battered and deep-fried.

The proposal has since been viewed 1.9M times, with more than 252,000 likes and thousands of comments from people, and let’s just say people were divided.

Some absolutely loved the food-based gesture.

One person wrote: “If he doesn’t pop the question with a blooming onion is he really the one?”

“Traditional ogre proposal,” another said, in reference to a famous quote from the 2001 film “Shrek” where ogre Shrek makes a famous statement about “how onions have layers” and how ogres have the same layer when it comes to their feelings.

Someone else added: “Wow, how does it feel to have the dream proposal?”

“Romance is NOT dead!! You better have said yes,” a fourth person replied.

However, not everyone was as impressed.

One person wrote: “The grease from the blooming onion will make the ring glide on her finger. Life hacks.”

“Bruh if this is real. I’m crying,” another person said.

Someone else commented: “If my man ever proposed by simply saying ‘Will you?’ I would lose it.”

Though it appears the couple may have ben trolling people with this supposed engagement as it turns out Allie had liked a comment that read: “I’m almost positive this is a joke after seeing another TikTok of yours and I think it’s even funnier if you guys have this humor in your relationship.”

True or not, perhaps they’ve given some much-needed inspiration to other couples.

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