MarDevil Makes Ben The Necktie Killer Again

DAYS spoilers have been filled about the conflict between Ben Weston and his wife, Ciara Brady Weston, about having children. He’s worried he could pass his killer gene on, while Ciara thinks that’s ridiculous. It looks like he may go see Dr. Marlena Evans for guidance and we predict that things will spin out of control from there.

DAYS Spoilers Wild Speculation

MarDevil (Deidre Hall) is far from done wreaking havoc on Salem’s finest citizens and will probably be very excited by the conversation Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) seeks to have with his trusted doctor. Unfortunately, she’s a doctor no one should trust right now because she’s once again possessed by the Devil.

Poor Ben is hoping she can tell him that while mental illness can possibly be passed along to his child, there is no gene for becoming a killer. And while Marlena, in her right mind, may have offered such advice, there’s no way that MarDevil will do anything to put this former killer’s mind at ease. In fact, we predict that MarDevil will react one of two ways.

Danger, Danger, Ben Weston

Either the Devil will want to jump right into Ben and turn him back into the Necktie Killer, making him a danger to his family, friends, and strangers, there’s also the chance that MarDevil may simply try to mess with Ben’s meds, causing the same but keeping himself in his favorite host — Marlena. Could these two go on a killing spree together?

It could be a devilish twist that outdoes MarDevil’s previous reign of terror, kicking things up a hellacious notch that no one will see coming. After all, Ben has been devoted to Ciara (Victoria Konefal) and proven to be her hero. And if Ciara does see subtle changes in her husband, if she goes to Marlena to seek help, we all know how that would turn out. Think this wild speculation could really happen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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