Marissa Mowry shares her ‘early birthday presents’ for Trevor Lawrence

No, it’s not a new head coach.

But Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence enjoyed two early birthday gifts from his wife Marissa Mowry as his coach Urban Meyer deals with a partying controversy.

An active social media user, Mowry frequently shares romantic moments with her husband and her 319,000 Instagram followers. Lawrence turns 22 on Oct. 6, but his new wife couldn’t wait to shower him with thoughtful gifts.

The 21-year-old Anderson University alum wrote “Early bday present for @tlawrence16” over a filtered video of a Bartesian cocktail maker on Monday at 7:45 pm. The sleek kitchen appliance has a $350 price tag and customizes at-home drinks by strength and flavor. Mowry filmed her NFL star husband putting his new gadget to work right away, preparing two cocktails. Lawrence poured a Cosmopolitan and a Long Island Iced Tea before the couple cozied up on the couch while an episode of “The Office” could be heard in the background.

However, the Bartesian wasn’t Lawrence’s only birthday gift from his wife. Mowry shared a video of the birthday boy enjoying some downtime on the couch with his feet wrapped up.

“This is his other present cause he always complains about his feet being cold,” she wrote while showing off Lawrence’s new electric heated foot warmers. Mowry added a link to the $32 gift on Amazon in her story and asked her followers if anyone else deals with cold feet like her hubby. NFL stars, they’re just like us!

Trevor Lawrence’s feet will never be cold again.

The young couple began dating in 2016 while they both attended Cartersville High School in Georgia. They dated for six years before Lawrence proposed in 2020 at Clemson Memorial Stadium and married in April. 


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