Mark Chesnutt Announces He Has Tested Positive For COVID While Recovering From Back Surgery

Man, talk about a rough few weeks for Mark Chesnutt.

The 90’s country legend (and one of the more underrated artists from the 90’s if you ask me) underwent back surgery at the end of July, announcing that he would be in the hospital for “a couple days” before moving home to rest up and recover so that he could get back out on tour.

The surgery, which caused him to cancel tour dates through September, seemed to go well, with Mark’s team announcing on social media that he was expected to make a complete recovery.

But now, the singer has announced that while on the mend from his back surgery, he and his wife Tracie have both tested positive for COVID.

Let’s hope for a speedy recovery for both Mark and his wife, and that he’s able to get back out on the road ASAP.

But for now, I’ll still be spinning some of my favorite Mark Chesnutt tunes.

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