Markiplier reveals how “In Space With Markiplier” was almost ruined

YouTube star Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach has uploaded wacky videos for almost 10 years now, but when he uploaded a mysterious clip titled “Everything has to End,” his fans started instantly erupted with confusion and curiosity.

After creating his interactive film “A Heist with Markiplier” almost two years ago, fans were ready for a sequel. However, the YouTuber distracted everyone from the sequel by creating a special project with fellow creator CrankGamePlays just a month later, called Unus Annus – a YouTube channel that was only live for one year.

With the end of their year-long project, interest in a sequel to Heist started rising again. Over the months following, anytime Markiplier referenced the sequel, he would say “Heist 2” or “the Heist sequel,” leading fans to believe it would be a simple sequel similar to the original.

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Markiplier has confirmed a sequel to his heist video, “In space with Markiplier”

“Everything has to End” and “Hello Friends”

Fans of Markiplier were recently met given a short and cryptic video in which the title “In Space with Markiplier” flies onto the screen, making viewers wonder what the creator was actually up to.

In a follow-up to the video a few days later, the YouTuber finally cleared a few things up, announcing officially that “In Space with Markiplier” is in fact the sequel to “A Heist with Markiplier,” and that the plot of the sequel was almost ruined by a friend.

“I’d like to publicly shame a person,”  he said, before joking that he was the “premier public shaming channel” on YouTube.

Mark then explained that Wade Barnes, also known as ‘The Drowned Man,’ had been told about the idea for the sequel, and let it out on Twitter the day following the release of the first Heist video.

Mark explained that he messaged Barnes: “What the heck man, delete that!” He then received a reply back explaining that Wade had thought the idea was a joke, and that’s why he replied to his tweet with it.

The creator doubled down that “In Space with Markiplier” is, in fact, the sequel to the original Heist release, and claimed that it is coming soon.

While he left us questioning exactly how soon that will be, fans are hopeful that we’ll soon see more updates regarding the video.

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