Marlena Sets Salem On Fire After Being Possessed?

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that the devil is in Marlena, and it will make her do things that she couldn’t even dream of doing. The spoilers suggest that DOOL will be revisiting the iconic storyline, and Marlena might end up starting a dangerous fire yet again. What will she do? Will everyone be okay? Here is everything to know. 

Days Of Our Lives: The Devil Storyline Is Being Revisited

Days of Our Lives viewers would know that the soap opera is all set to revisit the possession storyline. We know that it will be interesting to watch. But, DOOL is also dropping some hints on what would come up next. Recently, Johnny spoke to Allie about the possession, and they also spoke about how Marlena had put the church on fire. Not only that, but they also spoke about Marlena putting Salem’s tree on fire. 

Long-time viewers would remember the whole firey sequence. If DOOL is revisiting the iconic storyline, it makes sense that they might also revisit some of the scenes from that storyline. We know that the levitating scene is coming up, but it looks like the fire scenes will be coming up too. Marlena might set something ablaze. There are some great options for that right now. She could set St. Luke’s or maybe some other church on fire. Then, it is also possible that she might put the church where Abe and Paulina are getting married on fire. 

Days of Our Lives

Celeb Dirty Laundry speculates that she might also put the Salem tree on fire. Sinister things happen around the holidays. So, it looks like Marlena will do things that she doesn’t want to. She won’t be in control of her actions and wreck havoc. She might do many things that would leave Salem in jeopardy. Who will save Salem? Will Marlena have to go through another exorcism? We will have to wait to know. Days of Our Lives airs on NBC all weekdays. So, make sure you tune in and enjoy. 


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