Married At First Sight fans shocked Bob and Megan will STAY on the show despite her kissing Jordon behind his back

MARRIED at First Sight viewers were shocked last night as Bob and Megan continued as a couple despite her kissing Jordon behind her husband’s back.

The first commitment ceremony of the series was packed full of drama, with Bob being reduced to tears after discovering Megan’s infidelity.


Bob and Megan stayed together at the commitment ceremonyCredit: E4
Jordon admitted to kissing Megan behind Bob's back


Jordon admitted to kissing Megan behind Bob’s backCredit: E4

So far Megan has consistently given bubbly Bob the cold shoulder but rather than end their relationship, she decided to continue for at least another week.

It surprised viewers, who were equally as baffled why Bob would want to put his energy into a one-sided, seemingly hopeless romance.

One wrote on Twitter: “Bob you deserve so so much better than what Megan can give you. She’s made her choice, she made her choice when she kissed Jordan. Honestly you will and can find your perfect woman #MAFSUK.”

Another posted: “Sad part of that episode was Bob at the end, still trying to reassure and comfort Megan despite what she did to him. Half of me is like ‘respect yourself dude and move on’ and the other half is respect to him because he clearly still likes her so much #MAFSUK.”

A third laughed as they thought Jordon, who is partnered with Alexis, expected Megan to pursue a relationship with him.

They wrote: “Lmao Jordan was FUMING when Megan decided to stay with Bob, man really thought she was gonna leave Bob and go with him #MAFSUK.”

Jordon told cameras that he had connected with Megan after the dinner party – and that they shared a kiss behind-the-scenes.

“I had my eyes on someone at the dinner party – then we got chatting back at the apartment. We had a vibe and great conversation,” he explained.

“We found ourselves alone at one point – one thing led to another and we shared a kiss. I think it’s somebody I want to pursue.”

He went on to walk into one of the neighbouring apartments, where Megan was sitting there waiting for him on the sofa.

Breaking the awkward silence, he looked towards her and said: “I mean it was definitely a good kiss, wasn’t it? It was nice.”

Jordon shockingly went on to ask Megan to “give it a chance and see how they go” ahead of the couple’s commitment ceremony.

“I have no idea what happens now, he’s happy to explore this,” Megan told the cameras once Jordon left her apartment.

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“I don’t know how this will work out. I’m not looking forward to the commitment ceremony.”

Shrugging her shoulders, she added: “It doesn’t feel like I’ve cheated on anyone. I still haven’t decided if I should stay or leave.”

Meanwhile, husband Bob was seen speaking to Adam about his desperation to “make the marriage work”, saying “honesty is the best policy”.

Jordon said he wanted to pursue things with Megan


Jordon said he wanted to pursue things with Megan
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