Married At First Sight fans spot huge clue Amy and Josh are still together

MARRIED At First Sight fans have spotted a major huge clue that Amy Christophers and Joshua Christie are still together – despite bitter rows

The sports presenter, has hinted she is still with her partner despite their ups and downs throughout the series.


Amy Christophers has dropped a huge hint that she is still with ‘hubby’ Joshua ChristieCredit: instagram
Josh has been very positive about his 'wife' on social media


Josh has been very positive about his ‘wife’ on social mediaCredit: instagram

Amy recently shared a snap of the pair looking very cosy while cuddling up to one another during filming.

One fan then commented: “Great couple, hoping you two make it! 💕”.

Amy quickly responded with the emojis: “❤️🙌”

Meanwhile, Josh has also shared a number of snaps of his wife suggesting that the pair are on good terms.

After posting a selfie of the pair on their honeymoon, one follower said: “Hope you two are good ❤️.”

Josh replied with a positive hands up emoji in response.

Viewers could not believe Amy’s behaviour after she stormed off camera in last night’s episode.

The pair were bickering after doing a food shop and couldn’t agree on where to store the items.

Getting fed up with with Josh, Amy slammed the door and Josh called her “childish”.

He then said to her: “You’re pushing me over the limit.”

It prompted her to shout: “Shut up!”

To camera, Josh said he was fed up with Amy’s “mood swings” and was reaching the end of his tether.

After the heated kitchen row, Amy said to the camera “I’m not f***ing doing this” before walking away.

MAFS viewers could not believe Amy’s behaviour, slamming her as ‘childish’ and ‘spoilt’.

“Amy woke up and chose violence … again,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

A second added: “Amy needs to grow up!”

And a third commented: “Amy acting like a child again.”

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Viewers had turned on Josh earlier this week as he yelled “shut your mouth and let me f***ing speak'” at Amy during an explosive dinner party.

The 26-year-old lost his temper with Morag after she said he’d slid into her DMs before the show.

Josh claimed he couldn’t remember ever messaging Morag and went as far as to accuse her of lying to cause trouble.

But as Amy attempted to defend her husband, she was nastily shot down.

“Shut your mouth and let me f***ing speak,” said Josh.

The horrified experts gasped watching the footage, with Mel Schilling saying: “No, no he didn’t. He’s now like a cornered animal, flooded with hormones.”

Amy replied: “I’m on your f***ing side.”

Josh quickly apologised for his language, telling Amy: “Sorry I didn’t mean to tell you to shut up.”

But matchmaker Mel insisted: “Not good enough, mate.”

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