‘Married at First Sight’: Gil Cuero Feels Unwanted

Married at First Sight husband Gil Cuero still hasn’t given his wife Myrla Feria a kiss yet. Their relationship seems to be developing more slowly than some of the other MAFS couples, who openly show their feelings for each other. Will their vastly different outlooks on love and affection be a problem for their marriage?

Married at First Sight: Gil Cuero Romances Myrla Feria

Married at First Sight star Gil Cuero arranged an at-home date with his new spouse, Myrla Feria. The experts sent them instructions to plan a special date for each other. They also asked the couples to explore the idea of what it takes to fall in love.

Gil offered to give his lady a foot rub before bed on Married at First Sight. He said he wants her to feel loved, but she’s hard to please. She gave his foot rub a 5.5 rating and said he was just okay at massages. Later, he told the other couples that their affection, hugging, and touching had increased, but they still hadn’t kissed.

During the Married at First Sight selection process, Gil said he’s the guy who does the little things to show his love for his partner. But so far, his new wife doesn’t appear to be impressed, as Soap Dirt reported previously.

MAFS: She Believes Love is a Choice

During the Married at First Sight exercise about what it takes to fall in love, Myrla said she needs to see action, not words. She compares it to Gil Cuero’s love of chocolate chip cookies. She knows he loves them because the cookie jar gets emptier each day, so she can see that he actually eats them and doesn’t just say he loves them.

Myrla told Gil Cuero she doesn’t lead with her heart but rather her head. She described herself as level-headed. But for her, love is a choice you have to make, and she doesn’t know she’s there yet. Plus, she said she doesn’t know how long it will take to make her decision whether to fall in love on Married at First Sight.

One of the other MAFS men, Jose, invited all the Married at First Sight celebs over for a gathering. While there, they discussed the task the experts gave them. Brett said that due to the unusual circumstances, she thought the experts had to put them in situations to make those decisions, rather than just waiting to see what happens.

Gil Wants to be Wanted on ‘Married at Fist Sight’ Season 13

Myrla’s idea of a romantic date on Married at First Sight was to take Gil to what he called a “bougie” restaurant for dinner. The restaurant has a pretty drink she liked, which is why she picked it. She mentioned that any time he takes her to dinner, it could be someplace similar. She also said she wants to go out for brunch on the weekends.

Also, she expects him to take her to dinner twice a month. Gil said that was too much. His quality time isn’t spent going out to eat because he prefers to cook. They brought up the Married at First Sight exercise. She said she wanted a “brunch husband.” Gil Cuero said he “wants to be wanted.” He also said he is heading toward falling in love, but he’s not there yet.

Gil said his lovely wife needs to let him know that she wants him, not just to be married, because she likes the idea of being married. She smirked and replied that she wanted him to take her to brunch. This Married at First Sight pair appear to have very opposite ideas of what they need to fall in love. Will their differences pull them together or push them apart?


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