Married at First Sight UK 2021: Morag admits she was once involved with Josh before husband Adam in BOMBSHELL revelation

Married At First Sight UK was jam packed full of confrontation and confessions of love during last night’s episode.

The boys and girls were split up for a respective boy’s day and girl’s day out.

Fans waited with baited breath to find out what secret Morag had to tell the girls at their champagne picnic.

It turned out Amy’s husband Josh had sent her multiple messages on Instagram about a year ago.

Josh had not revealed this information to Amy, who saw Morag’s confession as nothing but an interference in her marriage.

Also at the girls’ picnic, Megan clashed Alexis after revealing the nature of her affair with Jordon. She was shocked and disgusted to hear the nature of their affair, admitting that Megan had “destroyed the friendship”.

Franky Spencer also told the boys he’s falling in love with Marilyse Corrigan, but had yet to tell her, while she complained he was too closed with his emotions.

A preview for Monday’s episode promises a VERY fiery dinner party with swearing, threats and a huge storm off.

Read our MAFS blog below to keep up to date with all of the action…


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