Married at First Sight UK latest – Nikita slammed as ‘vile’ with fans calling for exit as Franky makes cringe speech


Married At First Sight star Amy Christophers left viewers in tears tonight when she opened up about her devastating family tragedy.

The ex glamour model, 34, told producers she almost had everything she’d ever dreamed of when she fell pregnant with twins two years ago.

She said her pregnancy news came a year after she had suffered heartache with her fiance suddenly walking out on her.

The engagement ended abruptly in 2018, and Amy met someone new a year later, but that relationship fizzled out and she soon discovered she was pregnant.

She said: “I got pregnant with twins. One died, and I had to medically terminate the other one due to complications.”

Wiping away tears she added: “That absolutely broke me.

“The two things I want is marriage and babies and I was so close to having both of those things and it didn’t work out.

“For me the last straw was my mum having a stroke and she nearly died, that was a big eye opener and made me realise as an only child, when my mum goes, who do I have? I want that support system.”

People at home were reaching for the tissues, as one viewer tweeted: “Jesus Amy sounds like she’s lived a few lives in one lifetime. That’s a massive amount of trauma.”

Another penned: “Poor girl. Losing twins. Come on Amy, let’s see you happy.”

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