Married At First Sight viewers fume as Morag ‘emasculates’ Luke with cutting insult

MARRIED At First Sight viewers were outraged tonight as Morag “emasculated” Luke on their honeymoon.

The Welshman was left in tears after Morag called him a boy and not a man after he failed to make a move on her.


Married At First Sight’s Luke broke down after Morag said he wasn’t manly enoughCredit: E4
Morag later apologised for her words


Morag later apologised for her words

She said: “I feel like you’re not treating me like I am your wife. I just want you to be a bit more manly. A bit more romantic.

“I want to fancy you. I do. You’re lovely, but I just need more man than boy.”

She was also critical of his appearance and style, doubting whether he was the man for her.

Speaking to camera, Luke teared up as he said it confirmed his worst fear, that he wasn’t good enough for his wife.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Ouch Morag #MAFSUK.”

A second wrote: “How are you sitting here telling him you don’t fancy him, emasculating him and expecting him to want to rip your clothes off #MAFSUK.”

A third typed: “nothing wrong at all with luke. Morag should be utterly ashamed of herself for putting him down like that.”

After taking some time apart, Luke pulled out all the stops by organising a romantic dinner.

He said: “I kind of feel like what’s the point, in the past I have pushed people away but I’m not a quitter. I’m not finishing today on a bad note I want to finish on a good note.”

Impressed, Morag said: “I’m happy but I definitely don’t deserve it after this morning.

“I feel like I stabbed my favourite teddy bear. If you had said that to me I would have packed my bags and gone home so the fact you stayed…

Luke replied: “I like you loads I fancy the pants off you, you are a wicked person.”

They then went on a huge shopping spree to revamp Luke’s wardrobe, with Morag finally finding him “fit” over another dinner.

The couple did end the episode on a high following a romantic dinner


The couple did end the episode on a high following a romantic dinnerCredit: E4

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