‘Married at First Sight’: Zack Has ‘Lost Interest’ in Michaela Clark

Married at First Sight star Zack Freeman was less than happy with the way Michaela Clark acted when they got into a fight. In fact, the Lifetime star said the way his partner deals with conflict is very important to him. Is it Michaela’s “Hurricane Kay” personality or Zack’s checklist that’s driving them apart?

Married at First Sight: Michaela Clark & Zack Freeman Take Steps Backward

When Season 13 of Married at First Sight started, everyone thought Michaela Clark and her new man Zack Freeman would be the couple to watch. They seemed like they were so into each other and always laughing. Before long, COVID-19 hit and ruined their honeymoon, which was the start of a downward spiral. It seems like he spark in their relationship didn’t get fully lit.

Zack told his wife that he lost interest in their relationship. However, he did say that he wanted to be able to get it back. Michaela from Married at First Sight felt like once she made any mistake that he would hold it against her forever.

His idea of marriage is nothing like what is happening with them. As a matter of fact, he said the way she deals with conflict is a big red flag for him as we reported on Soap Dirt before. He’s not sure he can get the feels back that he had for her in the beginning.

Michaela Knows She’s Hurricane Kay

Married at First Sight wife Michaela Clark said she knows she’s hurricane Kay. However, she said that the wild wind everyone saw of her on television wasn’t that bad. She said the worst anyone has seen of her was maybe a Category 3.

Her sisters admitted that she does have some problems with dealing with issues like this. They said they’ve always protected her, but they want Zack to do it now. It doesn’t seem like he’s up for the job, and he might be ready to bolt soon.

Michaela from Married at First Sight did her best to stay calm while Zack Freeman rattled off all the checkboxes he wanted his wife to have. But she admitted later that she did not think she could do all of the things he wanted out of a wife. Even so, she wanted to keep trying to keep his interest and see if the marriage could really get the spark going.

Married at First Sight: Zack Has a Long List of Must-Haves

Married at First Sight hubby Zack admitted he did have a lot of on his checklist. Michaela seemed a little concerned about this checklist and asked him about it. He was more than happy to let her know all of his wants.

The list he gave of qualities that were most important to him were looks, ambition, intelligence, adaptability, honesty, loyalty, maturity, and the ability to resolve conflict. But, only the way he wanted to resolve conflict. Michaela Clark kept looking at him like she was unsure of what to say about things.

She said later that she wasn’t sure she could stack up to his very long list of must-haves. Fans of Married at First Sight said he might have a little bit too high of expectations. Even so, it doesn’t seem like he’s willing to admit his fault in the arguments. Or the part he plays in keeping his interest for her.

Lasting Love or the Bitter End

Even though the two said they wanted to continue to work on their relationship, not everyone is hopeful. It looks like it would be hard to get back to where they were in the beginning. Zack Freeman seems like he’s the least hopeful out of the two.

Married at First Sight wifey Michaela Clark at least wants to try to make things work. She did admit she has her guard up because she doesn’t want to hurt again. Fans think it will either go really good or really bad very soon. Will he keep his interest and sparks fly, or will they fizzle out?


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