Married at First Sight’s Morag slammed by viewers for moaning she ‘didn’t get what she ordered’ in husband Luke

MARRIED At First Sight fans slammed Morag for not being happy with her husband, Luke.

The veterinary nurse, 31, admitted she was looking for a more muscular man than Welsh firefighter Luke, 36.


Married At First Sight’s Morag and Luke were matched on tonight’s showCredit: e4

In fact, viewers got really mad when the blonde bombshell complained she “didn’t get what I ordered” when it came to the stranger she agreed to marry.

“I wanted big, athletic, hairy,” Morag started, before admitting, “but I’m willing to give it a chance.”

“I’m willing to give myself up to the process, and trust the experts.”

Fans slammed her attitude saying, Luke wasn’t a ‘meal at McDonald’s waiting to be ordered’.

“Morag did you get what you ordered like he was away for a takeaway,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

Another added: “Wow Morag! ‘Did you get what you ordered?’ It’s not a takeaway.”

And a third wrote: “Morag complaining about her new husband like someone brought her the wrong food at Nando‚Äôs.”

Fans watched as Luke’s parents showered praise on Morag, calling her ‘gorgeous’.

But Morag admitted already feeling “bored” at their wedding reception and she didn’t want any kids, despite Luke feeling broody.

MAFS UK viewers also slammed the show’s matchmakers for setting up Luke with someone who didn’t want to start a family.

“Wow the “experts” got it completely f***ing wrong with Morag and Luke,” one fan wrote.

The life and soul of the party, Morag is a veterinary nurse from Essex.

Unapologetically confident, the 31 year old had an unconventional upbringing between Essex and Ibiza.

Morag knew a normal 9 to 5 was not for her, so she chained career in her mid twenties to pursue her dream of being a veterinary nurse in Australia.

In 2019, Morag returned to the UK as her dad fell ill and then passed away.

Morag is now more determined than ever to find love.

She wants a man who is ready to begin a committed relationship, but doesn’t want to settle down.

She is looking for someone adventurous, fun and spontaneous and who loves to party.

When it comes to finding love, Morag wants the experts help.

She told Married At First Sight that she has “high expectations of myself and what I want from my partner”.

She said that she wants Married At First Sight to help her open up and let someone in.

But Morag was not happy with her match saying it 'wasn't what I ordered'


But Morag was not happy with her match saying it ‘wasn’t what I ordered’Credit: e4
Luke is a firefighter from Cardiff and is hoping to start a family with the right person


Luke is a firefighter from Cardiff and is hoping to start a family with the right personCredit: e4
Married At First Sight star Luke’s mum horrified tonight as she’s told he’s marrying a complete stranger

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