Married At First Sight’s Paul Brunson says Adam is desperate to have a family as Tayah admits they’re at it like rabbits

MARRIED at First Sight’s Adam is desperate to start a family, says show expert Paul Brunson.

The electrician, 26, and his estate agent wife Tayah, 25, are head over heels despite having only been partnered together for a week on the show.

He's partnered with Tayah on Mafs


He’s partnered with Tayah on MafsCredit: instagram

Tayah even revealed they’ve been at it like rabbits in the days since tying the knot.

In an exclusive chat with The Sun, Paul said he’s not surprised at all by how quickly the relationship is progressing.

He said: “Not one second was I surprised. I think Adam first said he loved Tayah on the honeymoon, and I remember many people saying ‘wow. that’s too soon’.

“Here’s some facts. A lot of people were surprised that Adam said it first. Most men in the UK and the US say I love you first, typically.

“A lot of people are shocked by that, but the reason it happens is people typically come in one of two flavours; I’m either a casual dater or I’m in this for full on commitment.

“Adam entered this, there is no question he wants it, he needs it, so I wasn’t shocked at all.”

The Doncaster lad may not give off the vibe that he wants to settle down upon first glance, but Paul is convinced through his research that having children is Adam’s top priority.

He said: “I was working on this project for three months before [it was filmed]. Adam for example. I sat down, I talked to Adam, I talked to Adam’s parents, I talked to Adam’s friends. I know Adam at a level that the audience may never know Adam. On top of that I also know the outcomes.

“When I talked to his friends and family. The number one trait was Adam is all about family; he values family, he wants a family, this is his highest priority.”

Paul’s not only done his homework on each of the Mafs cast, he’s also used his expertise to put together a new in-car etiquette guide in conjunction with Auto Trader to help motorists clean up their act.

he wants a family, this is his highest priority.

Paul Brunson

He said: “What we’ve found is 49 per cent of singles use a car as an extension of our personality. So when you think about your car you have to think of your car as a representative of you. That’s one.

“The second is we found that one fifth of daters want an adventurous date, not necessarily on the first or second date, but by the time that third or fourth date becomes Netflix and chill they want something adventurous like a road trip.

“When you combine both of those stats you realise how important your car is in the experience. A perfect date is you have a date that includes things you value, and your date values, so we’ve identified different dating types.”

Those types include culture lovers, soulful daters, traditional travellers, urbanites and active adventurers.

Mafs coach Paul wasn't surprised by how quickly the couple hit it off


Mafs coach Paul wasn’t surprised by how quickly the couple hit it off
Married At First Sight’s Tayah reveals she and Adam are ‘at it like rabbits’


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