Martin Compston celebrates Scotland win with rendition of Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

Martin Compston celebrated Scotland’s victory against Israel by belting out Baccara’s Yes Sir I Can Boogie.

Scotland’s National Team played Israel tonight and a last minute goal in extra time from Scott McTominay meant they finished with a 3-2 victory.

Over 50,000 diehards were loving it at the final whistle and amongst the crowd was the Line of Duty actor who headed to Hampden with his wife Tianna and their pals Gianni and Amanda Capaldi.

After the final whistle, fans went wild as Baccara’s Yes Sir I Can Boogie belted out through the national stadium.

And Compston joined in and jumped around with Clyde 1 presenter Cassi Gillespie jumping for joy in the background.

Posting the video of his celebration on Twitter, the 37-year-old wrote: “Been to a few Scotland games in my time, in terms of pure entertainment and exhilaration that was the best ever. We’ll be coming @ScotlandNT@HampdenPark.”

Fans were loving it. One wrote: “Is that u aff to the pub noo to get pished Mart.”

Another added: “What an atmosphere. What a game. What a result. What a second half performance. Billy Gilmour. What a player. We,ll be coming…”

Martin with his wife Tianna and pals Gianni and Amanda Capaldi

One said: “They’ll be a small earthquake of joy in Scotland tonight!”

Last year the ‘Boogie’ song became the unofficial anthem of the Euro 2020s which saw the Scotland squad qualify for their first major tournament in 22 years.

Back in March, the actor shared a video of himself losing the plot on the set of Line of Duty when Scotland’s National Team were playing against Serbia to qualify for the European Championships in November.

In the clip Martin who is wearing police uniform starts off in his English accent as character Steve as he asks the crew ‘Please, two seconds.’

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As he listens to the game being played out he grows visibly excited and the minute he hears the news that Scotland have ended their 23-year absence from major men’s tournaments with their win during penalty shoots outs he screams for joy before hugging one of his co-stars.

Martin then becomes more and more Scottish as he shouts out from the top of his lungs: “Yes! Come on! Yeeees. Come on Scotland! Yes! Yes! Come On!. Yes F***ing Yes man” as his pal toots at the horn.

Martin Compston celebrates Scotland victory

He wote: “With an ep 2 epaulettes spoiler out the way, I can reveal what happens when your in the middle of raiding bent coppers but Scotland National Team are in a penalty shoot out to end 20 year of heartache. Steve to Scots in point zero seconds .. #yessirwecanboogie

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