Martin Lewis shares 6 ways to save £1k by Christmas – from tax reclaim to deals

Trying to earn more money by Christmas time?

Martin Lewis, founder of Money Saving Expert, has revealed 6 ways in which you could make £1,000 or more by the festive period.

The tips include free money for switching banks, as well as claiming tax back on multiple things, like marriage or working from home.

These quick ways to earn cash will come in handy for those struggling as a result of coronavirus support schemes ending.

It comes as the boost to Universal Credit payments came to an end, just days after the furlough scheme finished on September 30.

Households are also seeing high bills due to the increase in the energy price cap.

Martin Lewis shared the advice in his weekly newsletter

Martin’s letter read: “This week, it’s about quick ways to get legit free cash.

“To try to help in this high-spend period in the run-up to the festive season.

“Following some or all of these plans should reduce the risk of debt or disappointment.”

Here are 6 ways to make cash just in time for the festive period – from switching banks to claiming back tax…

Wallet full of UK money
It could help you earn a little bit of extra money

Switch bank accounts – £100+

First Direct, Lloyds and RBS are each offering £100 as part of their switch bribes.

Nationwide will give you £125 if you’re an existing customer and move over another account to its service.

HSBC is offering £110 plus £30 Uber Eats vouchers, while Virgin Money is hanging out £150 Virgin Experience Day gift cards.

Santander is offering £130 for those who move over to its service, but you may not get the cash in time for Christmas.

Claim marriage tax allowance – up to £970

The marriage allowance is a tax available to couples who are married or in a civil partnership.

It works by allowing one person to transfer £1,260 of their allowance to their partner by lowering their tax bill.

You can backdate your claim by up to four tax years which is then given to you in the form of a cheque.

If you’re eligible for all four years, the amount could be worth £970.

Slash your broadband bill – £125 Amazon voucher

Firms must tell existing customers whose contracts are ending about their cheapest deals.

For example, Vodafone will give you a £125 Amazon voucher to new customers signing up to its broadband and phone package.

Or you could get a Plusnet deal where you get a £75 prepaid Mastercard by signing up to its £18.50 per month package.

BT Openreach Fibre broadband
Some deals could give you incentives like Amazon gift cards

Claim work from home tax relief – up to £140

If you’ve been forced to work from home, even for just one day, you can claim tax relief worth up to £140.

This is applied to the whole tax year and sees your tax code changed.

But if you worked from home in the last tax year and you didn’t claim, you can backdate the tax relief.

Workers can find out more or even make a claim by heading to the GOV.UK website.

Complete surveys online – £30 Amazon voucher

You can get paid for giving your opinion on a lot of things, from TV shows to everyday topics.

Martin’s website recommends Swagbucks to get a £20 bonus once you’ve earned £10 from answering questions.

Just bear in mind you’d have to do this within 30 days of signing up, so be prepared to make some time.

Clear out old stuff – £100s

If there’s a lot of unwanted items hanging around your home, why don’t you just sell them?

You could earn a fortune from dusting off your old bits and flogging them online.

Websites like Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree allow you to sell your belongings for free.

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