Marvel-ous! Man survives armed robbery after bullet bounces off Hulk phone case

In what can only be described as a “Marvel-ous” event, a man in Brazil survived an armed robbery earlier last week after a bullet fired by one of the gunmen deflected off a smartphone that had the fictional superhero Hulk on its cover. A post on Twitter, recounting the incident with photos from the scene, went viral on Friday and as of writing this report, carries 595 retweets, 161 quote tweets, and 6,355 likes.

The photos, posted by the man’s physician Dr Pedro Carvalho, show that the bullet indeed hit the Motorola smartphone, shattering its screen, but was ultimately stopped by the Incredible Hulk-themed cover. It did not let the bullet penetrate the other side of the case, thus saving the man from what could have been a potentially life-threatening attack. Notifying that the man was later admitted to the ER after being shot during an armed robbery, Dr Carvalho posted visuals of the smartphone cover, its case, and the shattered screen.

“The bullet ended up in his cell phone!!!” the doctor tweeted, conveying his very apparent astonishment at the incident.

According to a report by the New York Post citing local media, the incident occurred at Petrolina in the Brazillian state of Pernambuco. The man, who was accosted by the robbers, was trying to flee his attackers when he was shot at by one of the several gunmen present. When the police arrived at the scene, they found that the man had miraculously been saved from the bullet due to it bouncing off his Motorola smartphone, with the fitting image of Marvel Comics’ green-skinned, radioactive, muscular humanoid Hulk on its cover.

The man was then taken to the University Hospital in the city, from where he was discharged minutes later. According to the report, the victim had only suffered a small bruise at the point of impact, in addition to suffering a temporary trauma over the stickup.


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