Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ Almost Inspired a T’Challa Spinoff Series

Marvel’s What If..? is the show that remixes the characters and scenarios we’re familiar with from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and presents them as stories in alternative universes. It’s a fun show and one of the most heartbreaking and fulfilling aspects of it is the fact that it might contain Chadwick Boseman’s final portrayal of Black Panther.

Now, in a new interview with Variety, it has been revealed by the show’s creators that there was even briefly a spinoff series in the planning stages for Boseman’s T’Challa Star Lord in the works, before the actor tragically passed away.

Episode two of the Disney Plus series, called “What If…T’Challa Became a Star Lord?,” sees the Wakandan get picked up by the Ravagers as a child, instead of Peter Quill. For some, it represented arguably one of the most idyllic versions of the Marvel Universe, as T’Challa’s strong moral integrity influences everyone from the group of thieves who originally kidnapped him to become Robin Hood-like champions of the poor to Thanos himself giving up his genocidal ways and joining the side of good.

Things certainly aren’t picture-perfect in this alternative timeline, however, as Ego returns to earth to tempt his son Peter Quill to join him in conquering the universe. So there would’ve been plenty to explore in this version of events, which we are saddened to find out is a spinoff series idea that has been shelved for now, given Boseman’s untimely passing, as the show’s director, Bryan Andrews, explained.

“I don’t know if he knew this, but there was planning to have Star Lord T’Challa spin off into his own show with that universe and that crew and that whole thing. We were all very excited. We know he would have loved it, too. And then, you know, he passed, and so all that’s in limbo. So, who knows? Maybe one day.”

The What If…? season finale is now available on Disney Plus.


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