Mary Trump Shares How She Really Feels About Donald Trump Running For Office Again

Mary Trump’s recently published book, “The Reckoning,” places the events of 2020 into the context of American history as a whole, pointing out that the country has a long tradition of violence and divisiveness. Per Amazon, while she says her uncle helped “knock the country to its knees” through his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the January 6 insurrection, Mary adds that he is only “the symptom of a disease that has existed … from this country’s inception.”  

This “symptom,” says Mary, is one that may just re-emerge in a few years’ time. Asked if she thought Donald Trump would run for re-election in 2024 in the CNN interview, she replied, “If you had asked me that back in November or December, I would have said decisively no, because he got so badly beaten, I don’t know that he would have wanted to face that humiliation again. But the problem is, he keeps getting away with stuff. …[T]his is somebody who’s gotten away with inciting an armed insurrection against his own government.” 

She added that his fellow Republicans are helping make his reelection possible by downplaying the Capitol riots and introducing voter suppression bills that could bar potential Democratic votes from being cast. “So if Donald gets to the point — assuming he’s still a free man — where he feels that he can’t lose, why wouldn’t he run? And that’s something that should strike fear in all of us.”

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