Match-fixing of boxing bouts was discovered during the 2016 Rio Olympics, according to an AIBA investigation.


The International Boxing Association (AIBA) investigated and discovered that bouts at the 2016 Rio Olympics were fixed by “complicit and compliant” referees and judges. AIBA officials selected judges and referees to ensure that bouts could be manipulated in Olympic qualifiers and at the Rio Games, according to the world body’s investigator Richard McLaren.

“Key personnel decided that the rules didn’t apply to them,” McLaren said, adding that there was a “culture of fear, intimidation, and obedience” among referees and judges. Judges and referees were told who should win a bout in the morning prior to the day of the bout at the Olympics, according to the findings. McLaren, on the other hand, was unable to track down the mastermind behind the entire match-fixing scheme.

“During the competition, a random selection element was introduced, and additional training will be provided on-site, including, but not limited to, a module on enhanced ethics and behavioral provisions. The world body stated, “Comprehensive mechanisms for evaluating scoring are in place, and scoring is now displayed live during bouts.”

Since December, Russian businessman Umar Kremlev has served as president of the boxing federation, which claims to have implemented reforms in judging bouts. After being suspended by AIBA, none of the judges or referees from the 2016 Rio Olympics were included in the Tokyo Olympic officials team, according to the report.

IOC dissatisfied with International Boxing Federation

Instead of AIBA, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) organized the boxing event in Tokyo. According to reports, the IOC is dissatisfied with AIBA’s operations.

The IOC expressed its “deepest concerns” about the world body earlier this month. They went on to say that they had received complaints about refereeing and judging at two major boxing events this year, the Asian and World Youth Championships.

For the time being, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has refused to comment on whether boxing will remain on the Olympic program for the 2024 Paris Gаmes. McLаren’s investigаtion, on the other hаnd, hаs put AIBA in а position they didn’t wаnt to be in. The investigаtion into the 2016 Rio Olympic bouts will now be expаnded to look into whether AIBA mаnаgement wаs corrupt.

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