Matt Long is now available for potentially larger roles

The situation all around Manifest season 4 has been complicated from the start; that is inevitable when you are canceled and later saved.

Today, we’re going to go ahead and toss on top of everything else what’s going on with recent cast member Matt Long, who plays Zeke on the mystery drama. In the time in which Manifest was temporarily canceled, Long joined a new potential series in Getaway. While it was possible that he could do both, it would be pretty much impossible to have full-time roles on both shows.

However, tonight Deadline reported that NBC is no longer moving forward with Getaway. What does that mean? The site notes that Long is in talks about returning to Manifest as a series regular for season 4, but there is no guarantee that the deal will get done. Regardless, it does feel clear that there is more story to come for Zeke through the remaining episodes, which could be split up into two half-seasons. That is something that we’ve seen Netflix do for many years now.

One other challenge when it comes to Long’s role on the show is simple: The writers have been working on the new season for a while, and likely did so knowing that Matt would not be available for all of it. They could be flexible and change some things up, but it could be hard to pivot things on a dime now that the new show isn’t moving forward.

Hopefully, we’ll get some more answers on Manifest and the future over the next few months. Our hope for now is that the series does return at some point in 2022.


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