Matt McGorry Says He ‘Felt Shame’ For Sexually Experimenting With Men

“Orange Is The New Black” star, Matt McGorry recently got candid about his feelings that stemmed from some experiments he carried out at a young age. The actor bared his heart and soul during an episode of a round talk table series called “Man Enough.”

The actor’s truth is evident in the fact that social stigma around homosexuality, especially when it comes to men (whether straight or gay), can be damaging mentally and emotionally. Luckily for the actor, he found a way to overcome the shame he had been feeling for years but pointed out that there are many men in his position who do not know how to move forward.

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Matt McGorry Slams Stigma Around Homosexuality

The LGBTQ+ community is constantly faced with prejudice as a result of their decision to live their lives according to how they want it. So, this begs the question; if a gay man is always attacked for his sexual choices, what would become of a straight man who has once walked that path?

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This is the reason McGorry slammed the stigma culture surrounding homosexuality in the society, calling it a “wreak on all men regardless of sexuality.”

During the round table talk, there were other discussions about modern masculinity from Javier Muñoz and Derek Hough, on how society believes that an “ideal man” should act, which has only paved the way for limitations and the inability of these men to be themselves whenever they want to.

From McGorry’s point of view, people or in this case men should not be condemned for their choices whether in the past or present.

Matt McGorry Opens Up On Feeling Shame

Still speaking about his ordeal with the host Justin Baldoni, the “How To Get Away With Murder” actor noted that for many years, he lived with the shame of what transpired between him and an unknown man or men when he was younger.

He said; “When I was young, like a lot of straight boys I experimented with other boys. But that is so common and no one talks about it,” the 35-year-old said.

Baldoni tried to probe the actor to give a more detailed explanation on the picture he was trying to paint, but the actor shut it down immediately.

“Like, physically experimenting. I don’t think it was sexual, and I am straight, never found myself attracted to boys, but it’s just this thing where I – and I don’t need to go into the full details – but, you know, where you just try things,” McGorry said.

In addition, the star said that he felt ashamed for trying out these things, and constantly wondered if these sexual expressions painted him in a different light.

Fear Of The Unknown

Unlike normal people in the society, celebrities have it worse when it comes to exposure or exposing secrets about them. Aside from the fact that it comes at a very bad time, it can also lead to career damage.

McGorry thought about all these, and it increased his anxiety about what he did in the past. The actor told the host of “Man Enough” and the audience in general that he always feared that this part of himself would be revealed to the world one day.

“I had so much shame about that, for years after, thinking I’m going to be famous one day, maybe, and someone’s going to find and it’s going to become this thing and it’s going to destroy me,” he said.

This fear of the unknown concerning his life, career, and future made him always anxious, but all that is in the past now.

Moving Forward

Nobody should be judged by their sexual choices, and if the world understands that, it’s safe to assume that it would be a better place for all.

McGorry lived with the pain of expressing himself sexually with a male, despite being a straight man, and it took its toll on him mentally and emotionally. However, now that the actor has bared his thoughts to everyone, he wants to look forward. As he wrapped up his speech, he used himself as a yardstick to reach others in his position, revealing to them the dangers of suppressed guilt and shame.

“That’s the way shame works; if you keep in in the dark, wet, and moldy, it festers,” he said.

Fans are looking forward to more of the actor on the big screens.

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