Matthew Ashford Is Now Off The Contract, What Happens To Jack Deveraux Next?

Days of Our Lives casting information reveals that there has been a shakeup in contracts and the actors on the soap opera. As the latest updates reveal, actor Matthew Ashford who plays Jack Deveraux on the soap opera has been taking off contract. Until now, he was a regular on the show. But now, he will be a recurring actor in the soap opera. But, what does this mean for his character? Here is everything to know-

Ashford Is Now Off The Contract

While this is disappointing news for Days of Our Lives viewers, but Matthew Ashford is now a recurring actor on the soap opera. Honestly, the actor and his character haven’t been a part of any mainstream storyline for some time now. Ashford’s character has a minor plot going on with Gwen at the moment. But, he has become a background character in that storyline too.

Gwen and Xander have taken the lead. So, the decision to make him a recurring actor isn’t surprising. Days of Our Lives has plenty of recurring characters who come and go when needed. So, Jack might be yet another one of those characters. 

Days Of Our Lives: What Would Happen Next For Jack?

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Melissa Reeves is on her way back to Salem. She will reprise her role as Jennifer Horton Deveraux for the holidays. So, it is likely that Jack ad Jennifer will have their long-awaited reunion. Then, Days of Our Lives spoilers also suggest that both of them will become a part of the Christmas festivities in Salem. So, viewers will get to see Deverauxs having some fun. 

Other than that, it is very difficult to predict what would happen for Jack in the days after the holidays. Since recurring actors can come and go as they are needed, it is possible that viewers will get to see Ashland as he becomes a part of new storylines. As for what’s going on in Days of Our Lives right now, spoilers suggest that Jack will soon come to know that Gwen had lied about the timing of the miscarriage. So, as reported, he will reach out to Abigail and tell her how sorry he is.

Abigail DiMera (Marci Miller) is all set to come back this September 2021. Jack and Abigail will be reunited, and Jack will make amends. We will have to wait to see what happens next to the character. will keep passing on all the updates about Days Of Our Lives. So, make sure you keep an eye on this space. In the meantime, tell us what you feel about this shakeup in the comments below? 


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