Maurice Benard’s State Of Mind Talks Anxiety And Childhood Stardom With This Co-Star…

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind has made a habit of getting GH alums and co-stars to chat with Maurice Benard. This recent episode was no exception. Recently, he hosted former star Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio-Drake) on the show. Let’s take a look at a few highlights, as well as how this happened.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind: The guest

First, Maurice Benard’s State of Mind has become a must-watch for a lot of Benard’s fans, as well as those interested in mental health. So much so, he has a lot of people actually approaching him. McCullough was one of those. For those who aren’t familiar with her, she grew up on the show as Robin, being the only actress to ever portray the character. She also had a pivotal AIDS storyline during her run and has made a hugely successful career as a director.

For McCullough, she felt like she had to reach out. Her reasoning was this show is important and she wanted to be part of the conversation. So, what’d she have to share? Let’s take a few highlights.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind: Highlights

One, Maurice Benard’s State of Mind is about mental health. So, while it took a bit to get there, McCullough did share that her family does have anxiety, addiction, and depression. She spoke about her childhood a bit, describing it as a bit chaotic. As a child star, she also had a lot of pressure. McCullough revealed the pace and all the things she was doing led to a health issue at just twelve years old.

Going back a bit, Benard asked about the ‘80s and soaps. She spoke about using teleprompters back then, as well as how important the AIDS story was for her and everyone involved. It was important to everyone to do it justice, as they knew it was an important story.

Finally, she opened up about growing up Latina and how directing Fantasy Island was the only time she’d been surrounded by a pretty much all Latino cast and crew and how they’d use Spanish on the set. But the most interesting and moving story was when she spoke about her father’s passing. You have to watch it yourself to get the full impact, and we loved the way she honored her instincts there.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind: Making news

Outside of Maurice Benard’s State of Mind, McCullough recently returned to GH for a special tribute episode. But she’s also been making news for her response to General Hospital star Ingo Rademacher’s (Jasper Jacks) anti-vaccine mandate stance, as well as sharing a blast from the past.

For those who don’t know, there was a show called Kids, Incorporated that produced quite a bit of talent. One of those was singer/songwriter Martika, who had a #1 with the song “Toy Soldiers”. McCullough is actually credited as a backup singer on the single, and she and Martika shared a few messages recently after Lorde talked about being inspired by another of Martika’s songs. McCullough remembered hanging out with Martika fondly, as well as the music.

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