Maxie Kills Peter To Protect “Bailey”?

General Hospital viewers know that Peter is back, and he is wreaking havoc everywhere. Anna has been trying to deal with him, but it looks like he might escape. If he becomes any threat to Louise, a.k.a. “Bailey,” it is possible that Maxie might take the matters into her own hand. But what will she do? Here is what can happen. 

General Hospital: Will Maxie Kill Peter?

In the recent General Hospital episode, viewers got to see Anna with her gun pointing at Peter. While she did shoot him, he was only wounded. Before Anna or Valentin could do anything, Peter jumped off the cliff and swam away. While Valentin believes that the way Peter jumped off, he wouldn’t survive, we know better. Peter isn’t the man who would die just so soon. So, we know that he is still alive and all ready to fight back. 

While Anna shooting Peter and ending him would have been a great story arc, but it looks like General Hospital might be bringing someone else as the culprit. When we think of who this person could be, the first name that comes to mind is Maxie. Maxie certainly hates Peter, and she would do anything to protect her children. So, if Peter somehow made it to Port Charles and posed any threat to “Bailey,” Maxie would have no choice but to take matters into her own hands. Maxie might get a gun and fire a bullet and finally take Peter down. It will be very interesting to see when Maxie takes charge of the situation.

General Hospital reports that Peter’s luck will run out sooner or later. And if it is in the time when Maxie does something, it will be fun to watch. Peter is stubborn, reckless, and smug. Getting behind the bars isn’t something that Peter might let happen, but someone killing him once and for all is something that can happen, and it will be worth the watch to see who does that.

We will have to wait to see what really happens there. So, make sure you tune in and enjoy. will keep you updated with all the news about General Hospital as it surfaces. So, stay tuned. 


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