McDonald’s drive-thru worker reveals they can hear everything customers say in the car

A McDonald’s worker has revealed employees can hear what drive-thru customers are saying even when they’re not giving an order – and can see them on hidden cameras.

Gem posted a video while she was working at the fast food chain restaurant, claiming that she always knows every customer’s orders because of one hidden feature.

The employee wrote in the overlay text: “We have a camera at the speaker that takes a picture of you so we know whose order is who.

“Seeing the mugshots of random people makes my day.”

She looked into the camera, showing her work uniform and wearing an overhead earpiece, as she added: “The fact people don’t know we can hear your conversations even when we aren’t speaking to you [while] taking your order.”

Gem said drive-thru workers can listen to the customers’ conservations while they were waiting in the car

Her video has gone viral online, with many viewers stunned that their conversations can be picked up.

“Erm we’re never going through the drive-thru again,” a viewer penned and a second added: “I knew about the speakers but the mugshots!”

“That’s why I always put my window up after the order haha,” a third wrote.

Another asked: “If you take a picture, why do you have to ask me if that’s my order on the screen?”

The worker also claimed there is a camera at the speaker taking 'mugshots' of the customers
The worker also claimed there is a camera at the speaker taking ‘mugshots’ of the customers

“We know that’s your order but we have to ask anyway,” Gem said. “So if you still pay for the wrong order, or your order is wrong, it’s on you, not us.”

Two months ago, a former McDonald’s worker also claimed they could “spy” on drivers and regularly hear “insults” from other drivers while they wait to take their orders.

The woman explained on TikTok: “When we actually put you on pause because we are busy, we can still hear you – the amount of insults I heard.”

A McDonald’s UK spokesperson told Daily Star that two-way speakers are needed to hear the customer’s order.

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